Residual Current circuit Breakers with Overload protection Ex9CBL (Old version)

Modular combined residual current devices with circuit breaker, with a breaking capacity of 10 kA for Ex9CBL-H Series and 6 kA for Ex9CBL-N Series. The devices meet the requirements of the standard IEC / EN 61009. These protectors are intended for household and industrial applications. They provide 50 per cent space economy compared to separate residual current device and separate circuit breaker.

Ex9CBL Series is provided with nominal currents ranging from 6 to 40 A, and B and C breaker tripping characteristics. The device’s parameters are determined by the nominal residual current of 30, 100 and 300 mA, and AC and A sensitivity. Due to their tripping capability of 10 kA (-H) and 6 kA (-N), they are intended for all applications, including the most demanding ones.   

  • Meet requirements of IEC / EN 61009
  • Rated breaking capacity Icn 10 kA
  • 1+N-pole version
  • Rated residual current 30, 100, 300 mA
  • Rated currents up to 40 A
  • Rated operational voltage 230 V AC
  • Tripping characteristics of circuit breaker B and C
  • AC and A type of RCD
  • 2-module width 


Documents Technical parameters
Tested according to IEC/EN 61009
Rated op. voltage U 230 V AC
Min. voltage for RCD function
Voltage range of the test button T 110 — 254 V AC
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated breaking capacity Icn 10 kA
Rated current 6 — 40 A
Rated residual current 30, 100, 300 mA
Sensitivity to residual current AC type - AC residual current A type - residual AC and pulsating DC current
Time characteristic of RCD undelayed type
Tripping characteristics of MCB B, C